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Friday Align Yoga

For those who are seasoned yogis and complete beginners alike.

This class is about re-aligning the body and mind.
The class will be slow and deep and options will be given for everyone.

Misalignment’s in the body have numerous reasons but for most it’s muscular tension, bad postural habits or past injuries.
This class will help you become aware of your tight spots and help you release through yoga postures by using various props and myofacial release techniques using yoga tuneup balls.
The release of tension in the body will aid in the relaxation response in the body and mind.

The class is run over a 6 week block. There is the option to book a Drop-In to try the class out or if you cant make the majority of the block.
Dates are as quoted.


  • wear a mask when entering the Practice (this can be removed once on mat)
  • come dressed ready for class to minimise time in the cloakroom (when possible)
  • bring your own mat
  • use hand sanitiser station outside the front door before entry
  • you will be met at the door by your instructor, who will be wearing a mask and visor, and will take your temperature
  • you will be issued with a peg number to place your jacket and minimal belongings
  • you can visit the bathroom on your way into the studio and once everyone is seated to minimise traffic in the cloakroom
  • you will enter the studio using the back studio door so as not to cross the path of a student just entering the main door
  • you are requested to use the hand sanitiser outside the studio door before entering studio
  • there will be designated spots to place your mat

NB: You may have to queue outside until the hallway is free for your entry but this will be managed as quickly as possible.

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30 Sep 2022


10:30 am - 11:30 am

Block Cost

Block: £56 Drop-In: £12.50

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The Yoga Practice
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