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Little Acorns Yoga (3-5 Years)

This class is targeted specifically for the 3-5yr age group.

Little Greene Yoga classes for children have been running in the Southside of Glasgow since 2003.

Over the past 16 years the classes have been tried, tested and adjusted until the present syllabus was developed.

This programme is not only fun but helps develops the children physically, emotionally and mentally.
Each developmental stage encourages the child to work to their full potential in a safe environment.
Classes are inclusive, fun and educational helping the child to build a toolbox of techniques to keep them healthy and deal with stress of modern day life.

Only fully Affiliated Little Greene Yoga instructors, or studios, can use the full developmental certification programme. This programme keeps them motivated, and continuously learning, from 3yrs-12yrs, which encourages the children to remain focused and motivated on yoga throughout.

Caution: The Little Greene Yoga Programme has been known to peak a lifetime commitment to yoga.


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15 Jul 2020


3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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The Yoga Practice
33 Carmunnock Road, Glasgow. G44 4TZ
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