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Postnatal Rebuild

Postnatal Rebuild Yoga

Rebuild your body using Yoga post maternity. Suitable for all new Mums.

Rebuild and connect – Baby comes Too

(Postnatal yoga class) – est. 2006

There are plenty of classes for your baby but only one where the focus is entirely on you.

Working on the stomach muscles and pelvic floor is incredibly important after giving birth, but is not the whole picture.

During pregnancy the arches in the feet have flattened; lower back muscles have shortened; stomach muscles have become overstretched; hips have lost their connection; chest muscles have tightened and quite probably the head is in a forward position.

The Postnatal Body rebuild will start from the feet up to put everything back into its correct anatomical alignment.
Muscles that have shortened will be lengthened; weakened muscles strengthen and of course we will also work the stomach and the pelvic floor.

All of this and you will rebuild your confidence by connecting physically and mentally with your new body and life, and love it!


  • The arches of the feet connect to the pelvic floor
  • Kegels are not the best way to work on pelvic floor issues
  • placement of you foot will affect you pelvic alignment and pelvic floor
  • everyone has a diastasis recti (separated tummy muscles) immediately after giving birth
  • You can make your diastatis recti permanent or worse by poor posture and poor exercise choices
  • scar tissue heals with increased blood flow and exercise
  • even woman who have had a c-section need to work their pelvic floor.

The class is conducted in a supportive environment, with women who are at the same life stage as you. No babysitter is required as you bring your baby with you. If your baby won’t leave your arms, you can still take part in the class. If your baby needs to feed then you feed. Although the class is for mothers, there will be plenty of opportunity to bond with your baby, as your baby will lie beside you throughout.

Little Greene Yoga postnatal classes are run on a 6 week block basis on Thursday mornings in “The Yoga Practice ”, Mount Florida. Southside Glasgow.

(Please note that these classes are not offered on a drop-in basis – The 6 week block acts as a mutual contract between teacher and student to commit to re-strengthening your body to help it return to it’s pre-pregnancy state.)

Homework will be given with the additional aid of video demonstrations to help.

Each class is progressive and tailored to each individual body and stage.

Booking is necessary as most woman will stay for more than one block.




29 Sep 2022


10:15 am - 11:30 am

Block Cost

Block: £76

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The Yoga Practice
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