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This class is about Balance…….the best of both worlds!

The Yang being the faster, energising practice of Vinyasa Flow to bring life and energy to the body.

The Yin being the calming, slower practice of holding postures for a deeper release of muscles and connective tissue.

First you’ll warm up your body with some flowing yoga sequences. You’ll become aware of how the body moves in tandem to your breath and where you feel tight.

Then during the second half of the class you will hold postures, with the help of props, to release this tension…….breath will still be a huge focus here, as it is in all yoga classes.

This class is open to all levels as modifications will be given and built upon for those who wish to make it stronger.


18 Aug 2020


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Block Cost

Block: £47 Drop-In: £11.50

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