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Yoga For The More Experienced

This 1hr & 15 min class is for those who have been practicing yoga consistently for more than a year or two.
They would “happily” practice Shoulder-stand (Sarvangasana), Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) and Headstand (Sirasasana) with whatever props they choose including headstand between a chair.
They are familiar with their body and aware of their strengths and limitations (their yin and yang!)

NOTE: This does not mean you have to practice inversions as options will be given for injuries, individual body type or those who choose not to practice inversions.

Each class will be different – some weeks the class will work on flowing sequence, some weeks will be heavily prop based, some weeks the whole class will be performed on our back and some weeks we’ll hang from the ropes……………..AND every week the sensation of feeling released and relaxed at the end makes all the hard work worthwhile!



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17 Aug 2020


6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

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