Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Why our Courses are different!

  • We don’t offer a training course to cover 3-12yrs or 3-18yrs – you can’t effectively learn how to teach such a broad band of ages over 3 days!
  • Our training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK
  • You can automatically join YAP once you have successfully completed the course
  • 100% of all our courses will be delivered by a Senior Yoga Instructor (accredited through Yoga Alliance Professionals)
  • Course instructor still teaches yoga to children on a daily basis using the LGY method
  • We don’t overfill our training courses – each course is kept small to give each student the time they require
  • You leave as an experienced Yoga Teacher for Children as 3 hours of the course will be spent teaching in a school
  • LGY graduates do actually go on to teach successful children’s yoga classes

Is Little Greene Yoga a franchise?


Little Greene Yoga is fundamentally opposed to the concept of franchising yoga schools. We believe the gift of yoga should be open to everyone. Why pay for a name when little Greene Yoga Training will provide you with a professional brand backed up with over a decade of live teaching experience of children.
Once qualified with Little Greene Yoga you will automatically be registered on the Qualified Instructors page.

You can choose to become a member of the Little Greene Yoga teaching faculty. This will entitle you to access a global online support forum and a facility for advertising your classes. You will also be provided with the Little Greene Yoga support package which will help you engage further with your students and parents.

You can also choose to do your own thing – you will leave with a highly respected qualification which entitles  you to register with Yoga Alliance.

Your course is certified by Yoga Alliance.
What does that mean?

Anybody can run a yoga training course or any other course for that matter. Anyone can call their course ‘Accredited’ and set themselves up as the accreditation body! They can state that they are members of various bodies or networks (these are usually abbreviated initials) that are nothing more  than a register. These registers do not check qualifications or processes. They do not offer peace of mind on the quality of the training course. They are not governing bodies.

Little Greene Yoga has developed a training course which meets Yoga Alliance stringent criteria. This means the course is a minimum of 50 hours training (26 hours contact time & 24 hours assignments & homework). Course tutors must be registered Senior Teachers with Yoga Alliance.

Little Greene Yoga is a Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) with Yoga Alliance. Can anyone register their school with Yoga Alliance?

If you are a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance then you are entitled to register your yoga school.
The following is a quote from Yoga Alliance defining a Senior Yoga Teacher………

“Senior Yoga Teachers are the pinnacle of the yoga teacher career path combining training and experience. This is a similar status to what Yoga Alliance USA refer to as an E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), but is set to a much higher standard, requiring at least 8 years of teaching experience to qualify.
The teaching experience has to be documented and endorsed before being accepted.”

I have an adult yoga qualification. Do I need to do a training course for children’s yoga?

If you have a 200 hour qualification then technically you can become insured to teach children without a children’s certificate. This of course does not prepare you for teaching children!

More than 50% of those who set out to teach children yoga give up within the first 4 months, even if they successfully run adult classes. This is not down to poor business sense but the inability to adapt their yoga teaching in such a way that it becomes appealing to children. There’s more to teaching children that marketing and flyers!

Other courses offer training for children of all ages and some include Teenagers as part of their course. Little Greene Yoga offers courses for 3-8yrs and 8-12yrs. WHY?

Within the Little Greene Yoga Foundation syllabus there are 2 distinct age groups covered – Little Acorns (3-5yrs) & Little Saplings (5-8yrs). There is a little overlap in these two age groups, so they are combined into the Foundation course.
Little Greene Yoga feels that teaching children is a serious matter for both student and teacher and that 3 days is the minimum required to learn to teach the foundation course on its own. Once the foundation is sound then the teacher can move on and develop their skills for the older age group.
The teaching program is completely different to maintain the interest and develop the body of an 8-12yr old, so is offered as a separate training course.
This philosophy is built on more than a decade of experience of teaching children within these age groups.

Both courses are very intensive and practical. You will leave exhausted; exhilarated; bursting with information; you will have experienced teaching your first yoga class to children and will be happy in the knowledge that there is backup when you need it!

How many people on each course?

The courses are very detailed and designed to produce quality children’s yoga instructors. Little Greene Yoga feels that this is not possible with a high number of students attending a training course, so numbers are keep very low. In effect you are getting a very personalised training package as there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions or go over any aspect of the course that you are unsure about.

Day 3 of the foundation course is held in a local school where students get the chance to teach ‘real’ children! This would not be possible with a high number of students. Students leave the course not only knowledgeable but with some real teaching experience and are more prepared for their chosen path as a Children’s yoga instructor.

  • No of students accepted on the Foundation course is 2-6.
  • No of students accepted on the 8-12yr course is 4 – 8.

Which Training Course to Choose?

Little Greene Yoga teacher training course has been developed over 10 years of teaching children yoga. Little Greene Yoga have the formula to keep children progressing physically and mentally while ensuring they want to return to their yoga class for many years to come. (read children’s reviews)
There are many training courses out there so it can be difficult to decide which course is right for you.
The following is a list of questions that Little Greene Yoga is often asked:-

Once qualified with LGY can I call myself a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher?

Yes, you will be able to use the Registered Little Greene Yoga logo on your website and call yourself a Registered Little Greene Yoga Teacher. As the Little Greene Yoga course is fully ‘accredited’ by Yoga Alliance, you will also be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Children’s Yoga Instructor and use their logo.