Yoga For Schools

Curriculum for Excellence!

Yoga in School:-

The Yoga Practice has been working in partnership with Glasgow Education Department since 2006, delivering Yoga courses for schools – Yoga for Primary Schools, Yoga for Secondary Schools and Yoga for Nursery schools encompassing the complete 3 -18yr curriculum.

Courses are tailored to each individual school and age group.

Each class is not just physical but also educational, successfully contributing to the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ programme.

Classes are offered as part of the School Sport/PE Curriculum, on an after-school club basis, or for ‘Health Week’. All courses are structured for progression.

Our Teen Class:-

The Yoga Practice teenage class (Greene Teens) helps each student with the transition through the teenage years. The class is conducted in a safe, warm and fun environment. Students are educated in the benefits of each posture; the effects on their immune system, nervous system and endocrine system. There are regular discussions on how yoga can be used to reduce stress, change emotions while strengthen the body. By educating teens on how to use yoga to reduce stress in their everyday lives you are giving them lifelong tools for their journey ahead. Regular “Yoga for Teen” classes are run at the Yoga Practice on a Thursday evening. Please refer to timetable for availability and booking,