Certified Kids Yoga Training Course for 8-12 Years

Kids Yoga Teacher Certified Training Course

About the Course:-

Teaching yoga to 8-12yr group can be challenging, especially if you are using the same techniques you use for the 3-8yr group.

At this age Children want to feel grown up and often shun many of the activities that are seen as childish or they become bored with their existing interests/activities.

The Little Greene Yoga alignment based 8-12yr yoga course beautifully caters for this age group – Classical yoga is taught with precision using techniques that are inspirational in the level of brain absorption and yet the children are never bogged down with detail and continue to have fun.

The course focuses not only on the postures, which are age related, but also class plans and how to deliver and teach this wonderful age group.
The 3 day course is intensive yet extremely practical. The syllabus is completely different from the Foundation certificate (3-5yrs & 5-8yrs) where the focus is on ‘yoga derived’ postures, stories & games.

Now as the children move into their pre-teen years their bodies are going through a huge, internal development as their endocrine systems gear up for puberty. Their coordination and balance are more developed as is their concentration …………Now yoga comes into its own!

The techniques used keep the children very much present, in the moment, by helping them focus on their bodies and breathing. Of course this is what yoga is about, if you are a mature adult, but this course makes yoga accessible for the 8-12yr group and keeps them coming back!

Applying for The Course:-

The course is for anyone who wishes to combine their love of working with children with their love of yoga.

The course is suitable for yoga teachers and trainees from all yoga traditions who wish to learn how to adapt their knowledge to be able to teach a successful children’s yoga class for 8-12 year olds. Applications are welcomed from yoga teachers, school teachers, health professionals and educators who want to bring the benefits of yoga to their classrooms.

Applications will also be considered from PE instructors who have a strong knowledge of fitness for children.

All applicants will be asked to demonstrate a thorough understanding of yoga and a strong personal yoga practice.


What taking the course means:-

On successful completion you will have the knowledge and backup to teach yoga based exercise classes to children of the following age groups:

  • 8 – 12yrs Little Oak Trees 

You will be entitled to insurance under the Little Greene Yoga umbrella group or Yoga Alliance
You can become a member of Yoga Alliance and chose to become a member of the Little Greene Yoga Faculty for continuing education

What the course covers:-

  • The Little Greene Yoga Method TM for teaching alignment based yoga to children 8-12yrs
  • Anatomy & physiology for the 8-12yr age group.
  • How to help develop a balanced body for the 8-12yr olds
  • Yoga postures for Little Oaks (8-12yrs)
  • Inversions suitable for the 8-12yr age group and how to teach them safely
  • Tips on how to teach Alignment to this age group
  • Instructions on how to encourage the children to develop deeper body awareness
  • Adapted linking yoga postures suitable for above age group
  • Adapted dynamic yoga postures suitable for the above age group
  • Little Greene Yoga TM partner work
  • Little Greene Yoga TM warm-ups
  • Little Greene Yoga TM cool-downs
  • Class pranayama & Yoga Nidra
  • 8 weeks of Little Greene Yoga TM class plans for 8-12yr
  • How to create and develop your own successful class plan
  • How to engage and teach an alignment based Yoga class to children 8-12yrs and keep it fun and the children coming back
  • Class control
  • Practical class sessions
  • Marketing
  • Profile Page on Little Greene Yoga website (if joining Little Greene Yoga Faculty otherwise listing on Graduates page.
  • Getting started, including introductions to establishments and running private sessions