Agnes Pachacz

EXP:2 Years

Children's Yoga Teacher 3 - 8 Years


On graduating Agnes started her professional life as an architect in the US. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit the building industry was the first to shed many of its employees. Agnes, being a mother, reassessed her priorities and decided to pursue a career in childcare. Although challenging, the joy of working with children meant she never returned to the building industry. She still works in the childcare sector and also combines this with her artistic talent as a family photographer. Always a keen marathon runner, a knee injury led Agnes to turn to yoga in the hope that it would help her body repair. She was amazed at not only the physical benefits she received from yoga, but also those for the mind and spirit.

Based in Scotland, Agnes has embarked on a 200 hour teacher training program with June Mitchell of CSY (Classical Yoga School). She will graduate in July 2017.

Training with Little Greene Yoga in Feb 2017 to teach yoga to children 3-8yrs was the next logical step allowing Agnes to combine her two passions – working with children and teaching yoga!