Caroline Waterhouse

EXP:1 Year

Children's Yoga Teacher 3 - 8 Years


Having completed my training in May 2017 I now have the knowledge to encourage my granddaughter using the taught methods which are safe and age appropriate to encourage her into a life long practise.


Caroline is also teaching a weekly children’s yoga class in the Mid-Argyll area to pass on the benefits of yoga to children in a fun and imaginative way.

Having combined a career in education with yoga, as my passion, I was particularly pleased when my granddaughter started to show an interest in yoga. After numerous practices involving both my daughter and granddaughter, I realised the benefit yoga can have on the wellbeing of children as well as adults! This gave me the impetus to do the Foundation Kids Yoga Teacher Training course for 3-8year olds with Little Greene Yoga.

There were other courses available some only providing 2 or 3 hours training and then turning you loose to teach! I choose LGY course as they ensure each student is experienced in yoga before accepting you on the course. Their course is a 50 hour course and you teach a full class of children as part of your training! I completed my course knowing I had the knowledge and ability to connect with a full class and thoroughly enjoyed it.