Kids Yoga 5 to 8 Years

Progression from 3-5 year syllabus using traditional yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. Class is a little more formal but still taught in a fun, safe atmosphere using stories, songs and games.


Class Details:

On starting main stream education, the children graduate the Little Acorn class and move into the Little Sapling class.


A typical Little Sapling class will last for 45 minutes. In that time the children will go through a full aerobic curve including warm-up, workout and cool-down/relaxation. This will be achieved using yoga derived postures.


Children continue to develop self-confidence, body awareness and control as they are further challenged by more postures. More emphasis on technique and partner work to develop trust and consideration for self and others.

The Yoga Practice


  • Firstly the studio is first class. Custom space with Yoga wall with ropes added to the experience. Returning to Yoga… Posted by Ian W-McQuade on Monday, 26 August 2019

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